Something’s Coming!

West Side Story is an amazing musical – a sung version of Romeo & Juliet set in the urban jungle of 1950’s New York City. One of the featured songs is Something’s Coming! by Leonard Bernstein. One stanza goes like this:

Could it be? Yes, it could
Something’s coming, something good
If I can wait!
Something’s comin’, I don’t know what it is
But it is
Gonna be great!

OK – maybe this is a bit over the top, but I’ve been at the piano for a short stint today working on a musical that I’m writing, so musical stage productions are on my mind.

Here’s the deal: In the past few months a number of great possibilities have popped onto my radar screen, enough to suggest that God just might be up to something – something good. At a recent training event, a lay leader took the time to speak to me after training to say that he had a sense that I was really “coming into my own.” That’s nice to know now that I’m 68 years old. Better late than never, right?! I’ve been invited to speak in October 2019 at the Great Commission Research Network’s annual conference to be held at Denver Seminary, and then in November 2019 at the Renovate Church Revitalization Conference in Orlando.

At the first of the year, I’ll be moving my office into a building here in Richmond, VA, that houses multiple nonprofit organizations, mostly faith-based, and I will be working with those nonprofits as a trainer and consultant in a nonprofit incubator. Yesterday, I spoke with a pastor and revitalization colleague in Washington, D.C., about possibilities with multiple mainline denominational groups in the District that are yearning for revitalization.

I’ve booked my first GO Business Seminar for March 2019 and am in line for a couple of training certifications early next year with PROSCI (Change Management Solutions) and Management and Strategy Institute (Six Sigma). Just yesterday I started the Six Sigma certification process by obtaining a certificate for a Lean Six Sigma White Belt. It’s the entry point and didn’t demand much of me, but it’s a start.

The GO Center is continuing to grow in its revitalization work with churches all across the country. All to say that I’m sensing that, by the grace of God, something’s coming – something good!

About gcmatrix

God has called me to bring vitality to His church through training, consulting, preaching and teaching. So that's how I spend a large part of most days.
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